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Product Lines:

DLL Aluminum Acro-Stilts (2-2.5 ft.) $650

This set breaks down to a very transportable package. Extension kit replaces entire stilt peg with different length peg with the loosening of one bolt on each leg.  The cost is inclusive of one set of extensions between 2-2.5 ft.

Raw frame weight 2lbs, 13 ounces

DLL Aluminum Tall Kits

Have several different heights of stilts with one kit! Breaks down for travel- size is determined by your configuration — made with slightly thicker stock to withstand the extra torque of the extended lengths.  Stilts over 8 ft will need some design time to determine what configuration best serves your needs.

  • DLL Aluminum 2 & 4 ft telescoping kit $750
  • DLL Aluminum 2 & 6 ft telescoping kit $850
  • DLL Aluminum 2 & 8 ft telescoping kit $950

Kit Sizes

Your order form will ask you several questions pertaining to your purchase including your weight, height & leg measurements..also your use so we can determine what model is absolutely right for you & your intended use. Each pair we sell is in someway customized for the purchaser. We can basically make anything- so the sky’s the limit..literally. We welcome custom orders for specific applications such as Korean Plank, acro-stilting & fleet production for performance companies & schools.

Bulk Ordering

Contact us directly about discounts on multiple items. Discounts start at 3 pairs or more.

Aluminum Anodizing or Mirror Polished $200


DLL Stilts-adult or youth gauge

Stilt Length

Custom Stain and Finish for your DLL Wooden Stilts $50

All costs listed include shipping & handling within the continental U.S.

Other Products

Corde Lisse-1.5 inch diameter pure cotton rope $7 per foot $35 per woven loop.

Aerial SilksPoly Tricot aerial grade fabric available is basic colors and jewel tones $8 per yard

Call about ordering other circus gear 520-272-9041 or email us at: info@daddylonglegstilts.com