Wooden Stilts

Daddy Long Legs Wood Stilts

are a field proven design that is both durable, light weight and highly ergonomic. These stilts are available for $250 ($175 un-assembled) and can be sent as a kit for group assembly.  The uprights are solid Alder or Poplar and the foot plate and gussets are CNC machined 7 ply Baltic Birch Marine Plywood.

The “keyed” in foot plate adds incredible strength while maintaining an amazingly light weight feel.

There are 2 sizes:  Youth-18 inches tall & up to 120 lbAdult24 inches tall & over 120 lb. (Foot to knee measurement is easily adjustable on both models.)  These are suitable for beginners, casual stilt walkers and professionals — although not recommended as for high impact or acrobatic stilt walking.  They can be sent unassembled as well which is a better option for shipping many sets for a school or workshop program.  (Bulk Discounts are available)

Cecelia Does a “Pop Up” on her Daddy Long Leg Stilts!

DLL Wood Stilts

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