Wooden Stilts

Daddy Long Legs Wood Stilts

are a field proven design that is both durable, light weight and highly ergonomic. These stilts are available for $225 or $250 and can be sent as a kit for group assembly for large orders.  The uprights are solid Alder or Poplar and the foot plate and gussets are CNC machined 7 ply Baltic Birch Marine Plywood.

The “keyed” in foot plate adds incredible strength while maintaining an amazingly light weight feel.

There are 2 sizes:  Youth-18 inches tall & up to 120 lbAdult24 inches tall & over 120 lb. (Foot to knee measurement is easily adjustable on both models.)  These are suitable for beginners, casual stilt walkers and professionals.

The wood stilts can be sent unassembled as well which is a better option for shipping many sets.  Schools, workshops and large orders only.  (Bulk Discounts are available)

($250 for small & $300 for large)

All of our stilts come delivered with 3 ft of Velcro attached to each stilt, pads and a stilt foot on each leg AND a cache w/ extra hardware, shin plates and pads.

Cecelia Does a “Pop Up” on her Daddy Long Leg Stilts!

DLL Wood Stilts