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Product Lines:


DLL Aluminum Acro-Stilts (2-2.5 ft.) $600

This set breaks down to a very transportable package.  The cost is inclusive of one set of extensions between 2-2.5 ft.

(The Tall Kits below replace the entire stilt peg with different length peg, giving you 2 stilt heights with one frame.)

All of our stilts come delivered with 3 ft of Velcro attached to each stilt, pads and a stilt foot on each leg AND a cache w/ extra hardware, shin plates and pads.

Raw frame weight 2lbs, 13 ounces


DLL Aluminum Tall Kits

Have several different heights of stilts with one kit! Breaks down for travel- size is determined by your configuration — made with slightly thicker stock to withstand the extra torque of the extended lengths.  We will create whatever combination of heights you want-the pricing is simply a guide.

Stilts over 8 ft will need some design time to determine what configuration best serves your needs.

  • DLL Aluminum 2 & 4 ft kit $650
  • DLL Aluminum 2 & 6 ft kit $750
  • DLL Aluminum 2, 4 & 8 ft  kit $850
Custom Blue anodized aluminum stilts

Custom Blue anodized aluminum  2ft & 4ft kit-cost as shown $950

Kit Sizes


Just the Frame…

Purchase a raw frame set and make your own parts! Comes machined and welded with matte mill finish. Insert is generally 1.5″ aluminum round tube-.125 wall thickness. The insert or down tube material can be what ever you can make work-carbon fiber, wood, aluminum etc. $400


Aluminum Anodizing or Mirror Polished $200

Your aluminum stilts can be anodized-which seals them up and colorizes the metal on a molecular level-similar to climbing gear and aircraft parts.  The color does shift over time and does wear under normal use.



DLL Stilts-adult $300 or youth gauge $250


There are 2 sizes:  Youth-18 inches tall & up to 120 lbAdult24 inches tall & over 120 lb. (Foot to knee measurement is easily adjustable on both models.)  These are suitable for beginners, casual stilt walkers and professionals.



New-Custom Designed Heavy Duty Rubber Stilt Feet

SOLD OUT–We will be posting these again for individual sale in May-Contact us to get on a list to receive

Aerial Goods Sample

Lyras and trapeze are available and made to order-these are either 1″ or 1.25″ diameter tubing, generally 11 gauge(1/8″wall thickness) tabs are either round hole or our preferred oval hole (fits a choked “spanset” strap perfectly) Contact us and let us know what your specifications are.

Lyra are measured for the interior dimension (ID) 1 tab, 2 tabs or no tabs

Trapeze are measured between the tabs AND the total length.

Costs are generally $250-500 for trapeze & lyras.  Bulk discounts available-includes U.S. shipping


Bulk Ordering

Contact us directly about discounts on multiple items. Discounts start at 3 pairs or more.

Your order form will ask you several questions pertaining to your purchase including your weight, height & leg measurements..also your use so we can determine what model is absolutely right for you & your intended use. Each pair we sell is in someway customized for the purchaser. We can basically make anything- so the sky’s the limit..literally. We welcome custom orders for specific applications such as Korean Plank, acro-stilting & fleet production for performance companies & schools.

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