Bamboo/Carbon Fiber

We have been prototyping the bamboo pairs for a few years now and we can now create custom pairs per order and tailored to fit you body dimensions.  We use diameters of bamboo ranging between 1.25″-1.75″ (between 33mm-45mm) depending on the user and the availability of the raw stock.

Pictured below are highlights ranging from January 2016 to present.  These are put together with CNC machined Baltic Birch parts, stainless hardware, jute, hemp, Kevlar , Carbon Fiber and burlap fibers layered many dozens of times with resin to create an amazingly soft ride.

These are unique pieces of art and are varied in materials and sizes.  Pairs we create can range from 2 ft-4 ft and we can make taller pairs upon request. Most orders take 6 weeks to deliver as each pair is a unique piece.  Like our aluminum models-these are also guaranteed for 6 years.

Bamboo Stilts-$650  (includes delivery to Continental U.S.)

Our Bamboo comes from Bamboo Ranch in Tucson AZ.  and is some of the strongest in the world due to our arid desert environment.