Basic Stilt Safety

Before launching this site…  We spent 2 years testing the products.
Our beta test groups included:
Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre & The Carpetbag Brigade
and a gaggle of other individual  performers and workshop attendees
All of the 200 + sets of stilts performed well and are still in use.

To date Daddy long Legs has manufactured-1836 pairs of Aluminum stilts and 1540 pairs of wood, 15 pairs of bamboo

1. Vigilance is the key to catching equipment failure..
Please examine your stilts each time you use them!
2. The most common failure is definitely the shoe attachment and more so just working themselves loose over time.
3. Padding-Proper padding is essential to safe stilt walking and can offer alternatives to just walking.  We recommend  high end BMX or rollerblading pads for knees minimally. Elbow and wrist guards are recommended and are nice if you want to do dramatic falls or acro-stilting.
4. Wrapping in properly is also essential…  If you get up on your stilts, and it feels wrong—stop and fix it.
5. Always have a ground person in public places.
6. Warming up and cooling down helps to divert most injury including falling.   Some form of yoga is recommended
7. Learn to fall properly.  If possible always fall to knees and lay your torso back to lessen the impact…Be ready to flop forward and catch yourself.  Practice on some pads or in the grass.  Tucking and rolling over backwards is also possible.
8. Proper storage Bent stilts from incorrect packing and care, is a drag.
Upright storage is best.  For travel, a padded bag or hard case is essential


Your Aluminum and Wood Stilts are guaranteed for 6 years after purchase and after that if they are repairable we will honor the agreement.  Please take care of your stilts-do not leave in the weather, do not leave in the car, do not over tighten your bolts on any part of the stilt.  Refer to the MANUAL when in doubt-or CONTACT us.


Stilt Walking, aerial sports such as trapeze, web, fabric, hoop, and any circus or gymnastic activity etc. is a thrill seeking, daredevil type of activity. These activities are extremely hazardous and should be approached with this in mind. When doing these activities – you are willfully risking life & limb. The use of Stilts is a very dangerous activity that can result in serious injury and even death to the user or bystander as well as long term injury from unintended use of the body’s innate geometries used in dancing or performing on stilts and other circus apparatus.  Daddy Long Legs Stilt Co. LLC assumes NO responsibility your choice to engage in any activity involving any of the equipment that we sell.

All of our stilts are numbered and kept on file for batch reference and proper future ordering.
Please keep your original instructions, waiver and number in a safe place.