Wooden Stilt Assembly-Instructional

Daddy Long Leg Wooden Stilts

are a perfect fit for schools and circus arts programs.  We experimented with youth stilts for many years with moderate success in creating one design that served both small children, teens and adults alike. With the help of designer and master fabricator, Chris Flagler, we developed the complete CNC machined stilt kit.  Our associated circus educational program-Tucson Circus Arts, have trained over 1000 youth and adults in stilt walking and the design of these stilts is perfect.  They have enough design integrity to support adult weight (with multiple falls and stresses of learning) and are light enough to not inhibit small children 5-7 years old from learning stilt walking (which was a problem in the past).

The beauty of the CNC machine system is that the stilts are absolutely uniform and can be sent out in kit form-both saving you money and giving the experience of building the stilts to your community, school or group. Recently we created another version gauged for teens and adults-the only difference is a thicker down tube, bigger footplate and is 24 inches as opposed to 18 and has more length on the foot to knee ratio.

Price breakdowns for kit prices is as follows-not including shipping:

  • 3-5 pair-$175 each
  • 6-10 pair-$160 each
  • 10-16 pair-$150 each
  • 16-24 pair-$125 each

Instructional on Assembling DLL Wooden Stilts