Welcome to Stilt Dance!

We build acrobatic stilts, custom circus and theatrical equipment.

This company was established in the midst of prototyping & creating our own stilts more then 20 years ago.
In that long process we realized that there was a potential to supply a stilt that had machine quality, was affordable and could be customized for and by each individual or performance company technician.  The need to supply our own performance company with durable lightweight stilts (and a couple of troupes others along the way) the choice to create a commercially viable fabrication system became obvious and necessary to move the high performance stilt acrobatic vocabulary forward.
As the technical director of Flam Chen,  I am also in the international performance community, where I am constantly meeting other performers–all looking for the same thing… a stilt that is precision made, affordable, maintainable with everyday materials and able to break down for travel.
In 2007, we launched this commercial site.  All Daddy Long Legs Stilts stilts are custom trimmed to your body specifications and can be molded by you to achieve a cosmetic fit; however, there is uniformity built in to the product-so the parts are interchangeable and always available either locally (if you have the DIY inclination) or through our contact page where we can fulfill replacement part needs.

We also fabricate lyra, trapeze and aerial apparatus as well as bespoke rigging, spaces and structures for aerial arts performance & training.


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